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Bob And Janet's Great Adventure

From suburbanites to city slickers to cattle farmers. It has been an unpredictable, challenging, and action packed journey…

When we met, Bob was a general contractor, taking his lunch breaks at the YMCA, and I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer. No, not his! Together, we finished raising our kids in the NW suburbs of Chicago. After dropping the youngest off at college, we decided to experience the frenetic energy of downtown Chicago. What could be better? Bob walked down the "magnificent mile" to his office and I did whatever! Five years and many cultural experiences later, the high rise life had lost its luster. Why are we here and what are we doing… became a frequent refrain.

About that time Bob and I began spending time over in Harbor Country - the south eastern shore of Lake Michigan. After getting our fill of walking the beach, we started looking for a project. Why not a farm? Then, how do we restore this soil to health? Many hours of research and lots of conversation later…..let's get some of those small, docile cows!

Today the sun is shinning, the air is cool and clear. Out in the west pasture, Britt dropped her calf in record time. Sensing the birth was near, last night we tried to get her into the 'maternity ward'. She was not interested! Since Bob was transporting steers, it was my job to retrieve the placenta. Moms will often eat it so as not to draw predators to the calf. Sometimes they chock. After distracting the other cows, out I go pitchfork in hand. Mission accomplished. What a beautiful sight, mom licking babe and babe sucking on mom. Days like today I know why we are here and what we are doing!