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Lowline Angus Cattle   Benefits of Lowline Angus

Lowline Angus Cattle

After careful research Bob and I settled on the Lowline Angus breed as the foundation of our herd. We were attracted to their docile temperament, small stature, and ability to convert grass into high quality beef.

Lowline cattle were developed at the Trangie Research Center in New South Wales, Australia. Researchers began with a herd of registered Aberdeen Angus cattle, carefully selected for high quality and small size. After several decades, the end result was a breed of small, black (and recently, red), polled cattle with pure Angus genetics. They began to be imported to this country in the 1990's.

Lowlines have retained the favorable traits of conventional sized Angus, including easy calving and strong maternal instincts. They produce beef with excellent taste, texture and tenderness. These cattle have higher carcass yield and exceptional ribeye area per hundred pounds of body weight, which translates into high quality, high value beef carcasses.

According to Neil Effertz, Vice President of the American Lowline Registry, by introducing Lowlines into their herds, cattlemen can increase their stocking rate by 20-30%, sell more pounds of calf per acre at a higher price and increase the profitability of the ranch/farm. Using Lowline bulls can have very positive results. Lowline composites are more efficient, have higher carcass merit and retain positive Angus characteristics. Lowline bulls excel at calving ease, sire vigorous calves and have longevity in a heifer breeding program.

Lowline and Lowline cross cattle are extremely well suited to grass fed beef production as they are easy fleshing and will finish on high roughage ration with no additional inputs. Their small size and calm deposition makes them easy to handle and minimizes equipment requirements. Mature cows typically weigh up to 950 pounds and stand between 36 to 42 inches at the shoulder. Average size mature bulls weigh from 950 to 1350 pounds and stand from 39 to 46 inches. The average birth weight of fullblood calves is 42 to 48 pounds.

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