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Middlebrook Farm  


Local, New Buffalo The philosophy of Local is very straight forward: Source and showcase the tastiest meats, cheeses and produce the Midwest has to offer. They search out only humanely and sustainable raised meats and produce. This means no hormones, antibiotics or pesticides will ever make it to your plate. Because their products are made in small batches with seasonal ingredients coming from small producers, they have an ever changing selection of items to enjoy.
Granor Farm Strong believers in feeding the soil, not the plant, Granor Farm draws on historical and modern practices to enhance our land's ecology to produce flavorful, nutritious, and beautiful vegetables and fruits.
Eat it. Drink It.  
Manifesto 1 Graphic design, illustration and web development.
The #1 site for Grass-fed food and facts. Jo Robinson's www.eatwild.com

Where does our food come from? Why we are were we are....our inspiration. Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma"
The best in sustainable farming and our role model! Joel Salatin's www.polyfacefarms.com
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